Threat intelligence occupies a unique space in cybersecurity. If an indicator is always bad, you simply write a rule for your firewall and endpoint protection tools. But sometimes someone will submit indicators that they shouldn’t, and lots of indicators only identify malicious activity some of the time. It depends on the context of the sighting, or possibly the existence of multiple indicators, behavior, or even other factors, to determine whether a sighting is really a threat. That’s the hard part.
Perch addresses this need for organizations of all sizes, without increasing staff and without breaking the budget. Join Wes Spencer, Perch’s CISO, to understand how Perch is working with RH-ISAC to give their members the tools necessary to use the threat intelligence that RH-ISAC gathers.

This webinar is open to RH-ISAC Members and eligible retail cyber security practitioners. Email to RSVP today.