According to TotalRetail, “In the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2018, U.S. consumers spent a record $850 billion.” Unfortunately, as merchants start ramping up for the 2019 holiday shopping season so are fraudsters. One of the fastest-growing and costliest trends in online fraud is account takeover (ATO). iovation, a TransUnion Company, saw a 220% increase in reported e-commerce ATO attacks in 2018. How do you protect your business and prevent ATO from stealing your holiday season? You need to get ahead of fraudsters now because they are using more sophisticated attack methods such as social engineering, credential stuffing and phishing. Hear from Angie White, ATO fraud expert at iovation, as she offers insight into the rise of ATO and how to protect the entire customer journey.
Key Takeaways

  • The impacts of ATO on the e-commerce industry
  • ATO attack methods and trends
  • How to prevent and stop ATO at every customer touchpoint
  • Best practices for simple, safe and robust authentication

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