Today retail enterprises require technology that is faster, stronger, more efficient, and more innovative and integrated into business processes than ever before. And yet, incorporating new technologies and partners to keep up with the evolving customer experience and remain competitive leads to risks that extend beyond IT to all areas of the Enterprise. This expanding cyber threat landscape, coupled with sophisticated attacks, further exacerbates an already complicated challenge. The CISO of the future must not only adapt to the evolving threat landscape, they must be engaged in enterprise-level decision-making in order to recognize the impact of information security vulnerabilities and threats and safeguard the organization’s most critical assets. In parallel, need to position themselves to partner with the business stakeholder to tackle cyber risks and exposures, as companies embrace new technologies to get a leg up on their competition and make strives to continue delivering on achieving customer experience objectives. Rocco Grillo, executive managing partner at Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company, covers three areas that CISOs can excel in today to proactively prepare for security implications of the future by participating in business decision making.


This webinar is open to RH-ISAC members and eligible retail cybersecurity practitioners. Email to RSVP today.