EX-RH2021 is the first industry-wide virtual exercise hosted by RH-ISAC in conjunction with the U.S. government, federal law enforcement agencies, and trade associations in the retail, hospitality, and travel industries. The exercise will cover a full day of play including a training session at the start for participants to get the most out of the exercise. All retail, hospitality, and travel organizations are welcome. 

EX-RH2021 will include exercise inputs that are designed to challenge infosec teams as well as executive decision making, operational decision making and coordination, and cross-disciplinary coordination in the corporate environments impacted by cybersecurity threats. The exercise construct is designed for companies with information security teams and capabilities of all sizes and ranges of competence, as well as personnel roles across all levels and of various functions. 

The exercise scenario will contemplate the impacts of compromised information and operational technology including point-of-sale and reservation/property management systems.  

If you are in retail, hospitality, or travel and would like more information on the exercise and on registration for exercise participation, contact your trade association or reach out directly to support@rhisac.org.