There is no magic bullet for defending your organization against a threat landscape that is continuously increasing in volume and complexity. However, by developing a process that focuses on efficiency and relevancy, you arm yourself with a strategy that is more likely to keep up with–and in many cases, get ahead of–your adversaries. Join this webinar with Alex Valdivia, Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher at ThreatConnect, as he walks through a practical example of threat research focused on a recently discovered point-of-sale malware variant. In it, he will share insights and key actions gleaned from the work of the ThreatConnect Research Team.
In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Develop relevant threat intelligence from commonly available resources
  • Use threat intelligence to track campaigns that are relevant to your organization
  • Share your findings for the benefit of the community
  • Build a framework to make the above an efficient, repeatable process

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