Agenda topics have been hand-selected by members of the RH-ISAC community and include unique perspectives with plenty of time for dedicated discussion and quality networking with your peers. Topics and discussion leaders include:

  • Threat Actor Infrastructure Mining: How to perform threat intelligence and data mining of threat actor infrastructures using IOCs in your environment. Discussion Leader: Nicholas Zaky, Director, Information Security Operations, PVH Corp.
  • Processing Processes: Steps to take on how to improve efficiencies and processes in your Security Shop to determine what is necessary and unnecessary. Discussion Leaders: Kyle Davis, Cyber Threat Intelligence Strategy Lead, Target & Ryan Miller, Sr., Mgr., Cyber Threat Intelligence, Target.
  • Social Media as a Recon tool / fraud tool: Turning the tables on the thieves who sell your personal data on the Dark web and also selling selfies of the individual along with the data. Discussion Leader: Jason Lay, Threat Intelligence Lead, Qurate/QVC.
  • Extra Cycles: When not responding to alerts or events what can you do in your spare time to improve the Security Posture of your organization. Discussion Leader: Phillip Miller, CISO, Brooks Brothers Inc.
  • Latest Fraud Schemes in Retail and Hospitality: Learn about what attackers really do with compromised accounts from Shape Security’s Intelligence Center. Discussion Leader: Smriti Kawal Jaggi, Threat Intel Analyst, Shape Security.

Major thank you to both PVH Corp. and Shape Security for respectively hosting and sponsoring this event. The support for the RH-ISAC community is much appreciated.

We hope to see you there! Please email with any questions you have!

Workshop eligibility: Core members, and participants who are cybersecurity practitioners from retail, gaming, hospitality, restaurants, grocers, consumer financial services, consumer products and other consumer-facing companies.

To learn more about RH-ISAC Core membership, please visit for questions on eligibility.