Is your organization interested in joining the RH-ISAC? Are you a new member interested in finding out more about the RH-ISAC Community? Do you want a refresh on the benefits we offer? This educational webinar is built for you to learn about the exclusive key offerings available to RH-ISAC Core Members. In this session, attendees will hear from RH-ISAC staff on information sharing and collaboration platforms, intelligence analysis products, focused committees and groups, and in-person and virtual events. This webinar will feature personal testimonies from RH-ISAC members to give you an insider’s perspective about benefits they have leveraged within their own organization. Learn how to get involved with the RH-ISAC or take advantage of your member benefits today! 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn what offerings are available to RH-ISAC Core Member
  2. Explore the various cyber threat information sharing platforms that you will be able to take advantage of.
  3. Hear an update on the current education research and benchmarking projects
  4. Explore member lead special interest groups and program offerings


  • Amy Tate, Program Director, RH-ISAC
  • Jamie Johnston, Director of Membership, RH-ISAC
  • Kirsten Dalton, Director of Research and Education, RH-ISAC
  • Justin Storms, Member Support Manager, RH-ISAC
  • Aaron Perkins, Senior Threat Intel Analyst, RH-ISAC
  • Seth Monteleone, Tactical Analyst, RH-ISAC

Eligibility: This webinar is open to all Core Members and Core Membership Prospects. To learn about eligibility, visit rhisac.org/membership. Email events@rhisac.org with any questions.