Magecart, XSS and similar JavaScript-based threats plague the retail and hospitality industry. As the marketplace shifts towards more online transactions experts predict the worst is ahead. Customer data, privacy and regulatory compliance are at stake. Proprietary solutions and those based on JavaScript are poorly equipped to handle the attacks of today and not capable of safeguarding the future.

Understand the solutions best equipped to address an ever-evolving threat landscape.

  • Approaches to Preventing Client-side Attacks
  • Anatomy of an Attack and the Fundamental Flaws in Various Approaches
  • Success Criteria and Evaluation Metrics – Performance, Scale and Security for Today & Tomorrow
  • The approach trusted by the world’s most security-forward organizations

Your hosts will include Somesh Jha, Lubar Professor, Computer Sciences- University of Wisconsin, John Burke, CIO and Principal Research Analyst with Nemertes Research and Mike Rogers, Tala’s Senior Director of Solution Architecture.

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