There’s nothing like a once-in-a century pandemic to throw you off your game. Unfortunately, in cybersecurity, one blink and you are tomorrow’s front page news. Join RH-ISAC and Accenture as they discuss insights and threat trends from the past, what they are seeing now, and what we and our members are doing about it. This panel will discuss cybersecurity insights using 2019 RH-ISAC member data, including IoCs and RFIs, as well as threat intelligence gathered by Accenture’s iDefense threat intelligence team. RH-ISAC and Accenture will also present key findings from the 2020 Retail and Hospitality Threat Trend Report and what has and has not carried over from the 2019 Threat Trend Report. This panel will also look ahead and address threats that are relevant now and will continue to be beyond COVID-19. 

Teaser alert: Information on the upcoming RH-ISAC Information Sharing and Collaboration Games to be revealed!

Key Takeaways:

  1. What did you see and share in 2019 and how did that compare with what occurred across the industry?
  2. What did you see and share in January – April of 2020 and how did that trend with 2019?
  3. What do these trends mean, and what we are doing about it?


  • CJ Cui, Accenture Managing Director, North America Retail Security   
  • Rikki George, Accenture Retail Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist (Panel Facilitator)
  • Muktar Kelati, Director Intelligence Operations, RH-ISAC
  • Carlos Kizzee, VP, Intelligence, RH-ISAC
  • Aaron Perkins, RH-ISAC Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst

ELIGIBILITY: This webinar is open to RH-ISAC Core members and retail and hospitality cybersecurity practitioners eligible for Core Membership. To learn about eligibility, visit rhisac.org/membership. Email events@rhisac.org with any questions.