Announcing the RH-ISAC Newsletter

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Do you want timely industry news and an insider view of the RH-ISAC delivered directly into your inbox? Look no further! With the start of 2018, we’re introducing an easy-to-subscribe weekly newsletter. Stay on top of relevant news with content curated directly to you!

We have partnered with North America’s largest B2B publisher, MultiView, to produce our re-designed email brief, the RH-ISAC Newsletter. We know how important it is to have direct access to latest information, trends, and developments in our ever-changing industry. With this customized news brief, we’re proud to offer subscribers a hand-curated selection of relevant news and organization updates. We work with a dedicated MultiView news editor every week to ensure that stories in the RH-ISAC Newsletter are timely and interesting — that there is always something new and exciting in your inbox.

As a subscriber, you will receive weekly news, updates on significant events in industry, opportunities to attend virtual retail community discussions, and more. Sign up now by clicking here or by visiting www.RH-ISAC.org/membership and clicking subscribe.

If you’ve already subscribed, be on the lookout for the RH-ISAC Newsletter in your inbox coming soon.

Use your desktop, laptop, iPhone, tablet, or mobile device to easily access the RH-ISAC Newsletter and get the news you need to stay on top of the game.

Contact me, Corey Nihlean at corey.nihlean@RH-ISAC.org for more information or to sign up today!

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