RH-ISAC Interviews: Justin Swisher, Anomali

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“Organizations are recognizing that threat intelligence supports decision making, informs incident response and drives threat hunting,” writes Justin Swisher, Security Strategy Manager at Anomali—and speaker at the 2018 Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit. As part of our series from speakers and sponsors of this year’s Summit, we recently asked Justin to respond to a few questions about retail cybersecurity.

What developments does Justin see in cybersecurity? Read on.

RH-ISAC: How would you describe what you do?

Swisher: I assist organizations who are just starting out with threat intelligence. I work with them to identify requirements, highlight specific functions intelligence can support, and make sense of the overwhelming amount of intelligence data available currently. The end goal is a threat intelligence team that is relevant and provides actionable information at all levels of the business.

RH-ISAC: What is the most exciting development you’ve seen lately in your field?
Swisher: I’m excited to see that threat intelligence is becoming more than just threat feeds. Organizations are recognizing that threat intelligence supports decision making, informs incident response, and drives threat hunting.

RH-ISAC: Why is the RH-ISAC Summit important to the retail community?
Swisher: Bringing RH-ISAC members together helps foster stronger relationships and helps build trust in the community. Additionally, it can provide a safe environment for in-person discussions about security issues of value to the community. This kind of activity is what makes the community stronger and the sharing more meaningful.

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