Community Collaboration

We believe that community collaboration and engagement will help to slow the growth of consumer cybercrime as we tackle issues together. RH-ISAC special interest groups and working groups allow us focus on the unique needs of various channels or particular issues, such as digital fraud. Find out more by reaching out to membership@rhisac.org.

Gaming & Hospitality Special Interest Group

The gaming and hospitality sectors have unique needs and requirements. The Gaming & Hospitality Special Interest Group was formed to ensure the RH-ISAC meets those needs. From best practice sharing to task forces, members have the ability to participate in a variety of channels, including sector-specific listservs and Slack channels.


Franchise Working Group

Many RH-ISAC member companies operate within the franchise business model. The Franchise Working Group offers those members the opportunities to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges of incorporating information security within franchise operations. Most recently the Franchise Working Group conducted a survey on Franchise Cybersecurity Models.

Digital Fraud Working Group

As criminals blur the lines between cyber breaches and fraud, so, too, are companies breaking down silos to fuse departments that deal with both physical and cyber fraud. This fusion will be one of the key topic areas for the Digital Fraud Working Group. Other key topics include loyalty programs, account takeover, gift card Fraud, and coupon glittering.

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Operational Technology Special Interest Group

Consumer product manufacturers and retailers that manufacture their own products have operational technology issues. This new special interest group brings these members together to not only discuss their challenges but also work on solutions.


Pharmacy Retailers Special Interest Group

The Pharmacy Retailers Special Interest Group is comprised of retailers who offer pharmacy services. Pharmacy retailers face unique challenges due to unique regulatory requirements. The Pharmacy Retailers Special Interest Group provides a forum for members to discuss both strategic and operational issues.


CISO Benchmarking Task Force

Members of the CISO Benchmark Task Force meet to determine the focus for the annual CISO benchmark survey. Past surveys have included the use of managed security services providers and board communications. Through the CISO Benchmark Task Force, RH-ISAC is able to harness the insights of member contributors to produce outcomes that benefit the entire member community.

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