Past Events

Thu, April 08 | 01:00 PM EST
CyberGRX Benchmark: Community Kickoff
The RH-ISAC has partnered with Associate Member CyberGRX on a 2021 benchmark initiative that will allow Core Members to complete a free Tier 2 self-assessment that evaluates the implementation and...
Wed, March 17 | 02:00 PM EST
RH-ISAC CISO Roundtable: 2021 Threat Trends CISOs Should Know About
In the first CISO Roundtable Discussion of 2021, CISOs will talk through the threat trends for 2021 and what they should prepare for this coming year. Amid a perfect storm of digital and business transformation, COVID-19-driven...
Regional Workshop
Thu, March 04 | 09:00 AM EST
RH-ISAC Virtual Regional Workshop Hosted by CVS Health
Hosted by CVS Health | March 04, 2021 The RH-ISAC Regional Workshop is coming to the New England area this March 4! Hosted by CVS Health, the program will include an interactive session on threat intelligence, open discussion on tools and technology,...
Cyber Thursday
Thu, February 25 | 03:00 PM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Stop Fraud Without Friction: How to Stay Ahead of Motivated Attackers
About: Competing for customer loyalty in a digital world is hard. To add to this challenge, leaders must defend the business from motivated adversaries who have evolved their tactics...
Cyber Thursday
Thu, February 25 | 01:00 PM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Manage and Mitigate Risks With Information Security Capability Prioritization
About: Reporting information security risk to the business is an effective way to gain buy-in from leadership and helps with informed decision-making and prioritization. The challenge is finding a...
Cyber Thursday
Thu, February 25 | 11:00 AM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Staycations for Cybercriminals: How Hackers Are Exploiting the Shift Toward Online Retail and Hospitality Services
About: The retail and hospitality sectors face a steady stream of emerging and innovative cyberattacks that challenge security teams and stretch organizations thin as they attempt to plug holes....
Cyber Thursday
Thu, January 28 | 03:00 PM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Improve Your Detection Process with Attack Range
About: Analysts are constantly looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. Take the guesswork out of understanding threats and improve your security defenses, all with one powerful solution....
Cyber Thursday
Thu, January 28 | 01:00 PM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Rise of the Hybrid Threat: Resiliency in the Age of Evolving Cyber Attacks
About: Cybersecurity threats facing private industry have reached a frequency and intensity previously unseen. Attacks that were once viewed as highly sophisticated only a few years ago are no...
Cyber Thursday
Thu, January 28 | 11:00 AM EST
CYBER THURSDAY: Prepare for eCommerce Threats in the New Year
About: In 2020, we saw a huge shift in consumer behavior. Online shopping has quickly become the new normal for retailers to engage and keep customers. While malicious online...
Wed, December 30 | 12:00 AM EST
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The Future of Application Security: Increased Revenue, Less User Friction
on-demand session – Email Events Team for Access ! About: By some estimates, 2020 has seen as much as five years’ worth of digital transformation in just a few...